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NFCU Approval

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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats! I'd use this card for your monthly expenses and PIF every month -- before the statement date, if you can, just to help the util that reports.


Then in 6 mos, I'd app for a CLI. It will be a HP, but this card w/grow with you. They're known to give auto-CLIs at 1-yr anniv.



EQ FICO 750 | TU FICO 761 (Walmart) | EX FAKO 767 | Goal: 800+

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Re: NFCU Approval



Thanks for the info. I was able to get into NFCU due to family member. My TU score this morning as of this morning is 625. I now have hope.



Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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Re: NFCU Approval

Congrats! I hear only great things about them!
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