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NFCU CC Chances


Re: NFCU CC Chances

Thank you

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Re: NFCU CC Chances

I would call in and try on the phone. they are super nice and just be honest with them and tell them how you messed up in the past but are smarter and more responsible now and you want to prove that to them

9/2013: Fico EQ 676, EXP 686, Fico TU 686.
NFCU Flagship Sig. $14k..NFCU CashRwdsSig $14k..NFCU LOC $12.5k..USAA Amex 4k..AMEX Green NPSL..Discover IT $1.5k...BofA Cash Rewards123 $2.5k...Southwest Premier $2k..Chase Freedom $1.5k..CareCredit $3.5k..Cap1-$1.5k..HSBC $300...Lowes $1.5k...WalMart $1.5k...JCP $1k..Chevron $1.1k..Kays/Jerrod - $5k split. around 8% Util. Want to get in the 700's in 2013! Have three old paid charge offs. 15-20inq.. LAST APP 8/29/13
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Re: NFCU CC Chances

I was approved for a Visa Signature cash rewards card with $10K limit December 2012 with FICO score around 525. Util was around 60%. Income is 100K annually. 

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Re: NFCU CC Chances

I joined NFCU yesterday. I was planning to open a secured visa but when I logged into my account for the first time it said I was preapproved for a cash rewards card so I applied and instantly got approved for $18K Signature Cash Rewards card.


I was planning on a secured cc because I have some baddies including an old cc charge-off. FICO is 659. NFCU still gave me a chance. Now to see if I get approved for auto refinancing Smiley Happy

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