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I originally had an NFCU account from back in 1990 but let it close due to inactivity in the mid 90's after I left the military. I was able to reactivate my account with them in July of 2008 and was able to maintain my account tenure which netted me 18 years of membership age. 3 days after reactivating my account I opened my checking account and had my direct deposit from work sent to this new account. 2 days later I applied for the NRewards Visa over the phone with a CSR and was instantly approved for a $2500 CL. The next day I called back and asked if I was allowed to also app for the NRewards Mastercard and was given the "your request is being reviewed" answer by the CSR and was told to call back in 24 hours. I called back after lunch 2 days later and was told that I had been approved for the MC with the same $2500 limit! Smiley Very Happy


A little over a year later(right before Xmas 2009) I called to inquire about a checking account LOC and the rep asked me how much I wanted to apply for - and being conservative and happy to just have a foot in the door with them - I asked for a $500 LOC(the lowest amount you can get) and was instantly approved!


I have yet to ask for a CLI, as I was rebucketed last year when my only baddie dropped off my CR, and my score dropped significantly due to being in the sqeaky clean bucket(down to 549 from the 630's!!). My score has already rebounded to above the 600 mark as indicated in my siggy, but I want to wait until the 2 year mark(around July 2010) before asking for a CLI so my score will be even higher.


One thing that I have noticed - is that if you make your payments on time, and keep a healthy credit file, NFCU will literally bend over backwards to help make any transaction you ask of them as painless as possible. NFCU approved my installment loan to refinance my Motorcycle with less than a year of credit history with them. I feel blessed to have them as my financial entity, but I cannot make mention of this without also giving kudos to the fine folk her at the MyFico forums. I would not be be where I am now without their help! Smiley Wink

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I joined NFCU in May 2009. I app'ed CashReward Visa and after 5 days and pay stubs was approved for $25k.  I app'ed NAVcheck for $15k, and after they called my employer for verification, was approved.


I then app'ed Plat MC and was denied.  Reason:  Not enough history with existing accounts. 


In October Chase CLD me from $3.5k to $1k, then 3 weeks later closed the account.  So I app'ed NFCU once again, and stated in the comments that I wanted to close certain accounts (such as Chase) and move that business over to NFCU.  APPROVED for $5k.


So, I technically got a CLI of $5k through a second CC that they had declined me on 4.5 months earlier.  I'm not sure if my "comments" about wanting to close an existing account and move over helped. 


I'm hoping in a few months I might get them to bump my $5k MC up to $10k.....maybe by explaining I want to close some other accounts, like CapOne (x2 accounts) and an Orchard which represent $4800 in CL's.  If they approve, I will shortly thereafter see about combining my CL's of MC into my Visa for a single $35k Visa.


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Thanks tcjohn...I don't know much about NFCU as I've only been a member since July 2009 and only have the Flagship Visa and a minimum savings account, but when I applied for the Flagship CLI, the online form gave me a max CL of $80,000... so they've apparently raised their limits.



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BungalowMo wrote:

I have a ?? for all you NFCU cc holders....


How long after you opened your checking & savings did you app for a card?


Immediately.  The reason I joined NFCU was to get their Flagship Visa.  I opened a savings account ($25 deposit), and completed the Visa application almost simultaneously.



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