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NFCU Cash rewards signature

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Re: NFCU Cash rewards signature

bichonmom wrote:

Sounds that way...



cashRewards Cards: If you have an account with a credit line of less than $5,000, you received a cashRewards Visa Card. If your credit line is $5,000 or greater, you received a Visa Signature cashRewards card. The benefits for cashRewards accounts differ from Visa Signature cashRewards accounts. 

So my CL is $28K, does it mean that I have a signature card? or this link only shows the 'going forward' strategy of NFCU?

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Re: NFCU Cash rewards signature

Well I called and the rep was a little strange. Not as nice as usual. I asked her and she took a few seconds to say anything and just say "no it looks like yours wasn't converted". I find it odd though since it seems like if I would have waited about a week to apply I would have gotten the signature. It's just a little disappointing. I'm gonna call back and ask why I wasn't and just what exactly they're doing with this whole thing. It seems as simple as just having a CLof 5k or more, which I have.

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