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NFCU - Customer Service

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Re: NFCU - Customer Service

I've been a member since April 2008. They are not my primary bank but from my contacts I have had with them over the years have always been extremely polite. With all companies, it can be hit or miss on the training/knowledge of the CSRs. Like anything else, if I believe the information I was provided was inaccurate, I keep at it until I'm confident of the responses received.

This board has discussed the ineffectiveness of CSRs for lenders, CRAs etc. NFCU is no different in my opinion.
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Re: NFCU - Customer Service

You nailed it, 09Lexie!
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Re: NFCU - Customer Service

Now I'm not saying they are rude or anything and I'm very thankful you don't have to speak to someone at a foreign call center, but I think to have to wait weeks for an answer to something is ridiculous.  Especially when they are the ones that promise to call you back and when you have to follow-up their excuse is they are a call center and can't make outbound calls.


Maybe I'm more particular because I work in customer service and I treat my customers much better and go above and beyond to make sure I handle everything they need done and less than 1% of the time would it ever take weeks and if it does I'm on the phone with them letting them know the status of the situation. 


And my worst problems weren't with the front line CSR either.  This was with people in their financial department who you spend hours on the phone reviewing your finances with and that are supposed to have more "power" than the front line folks to help you out.  The last time I called a front line CSR not only did she say my problem would be fixed but she actually called me back 2 days later to confirm it was.  (so much for they are a call center and can't make outbound calls...)

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Re: NFCU - Customer Service

I use the secure message center to ask them what I want, and then they either can or can't do it, very simple.

On the times I have called, they have been very polite. I would rank their customer service as a 3rd place out of all the cards I carry.

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