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NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

Mine finally graduated after 20 months, zero late pays, running thousands through the card etc. I was just approved for am Amex platinum, and plan to make that the daily driver. I could not for the life of me understand why they didn't graduate until right now but it is what it is and it's finally done. Just be patient. Or, as others have said just cancel it out. You seem to have multiple other great cards

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

I'm just guessing here, but maybe you are at the unsecured max for Navy given your credit profile so the computer can't unsecure the card, which would be like giving you a CLI beyond the max.  My nRewards with the $200 minimum secured graduated in 6 months at $2k with partial graduation of $600 at month 2. I did not try to apply for any other credit products from Navy.

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

I would personally just hang in there i was in the same boat as you I have 3 navy federal secured cards with 5,000 secured line one has been open going on a year as of february the other 2 are 9 months old i have the max amount of navy cc for my profile at this time ive been waiting on graduation and they just graduated one of my cards 2 days ago funny thing is they graduated one of the cards that was 9 months old and not the oldest one i guess cause that one cycled out first and they review on cycle close date Im still waiting on the other 2 to unsecure they also didnt increase credit line on the one that graduated it stayed at $5000 im assuming because I put the max amount on secured credits cards i could they decided to not give me an increase cause my limit is already high. Also as a side note i have 4 chargeoff on my experian and transunion credit report and  1 on my equifax with my fico 8 scores sitting at equifax 574 transunion 630 and experian 625

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

I would not worry, here is how my NF secured card and overall relationship played out..


I opened my secured NFCU NRewards with $1000 SL on 5-2014, my 1st NF credit product after 12-2012 BK7. Just 1 Month later I was approved for a NF CashRewards 5k SL + NavCheck $8k SL after reading this forum (TYVM all). Jump forward to 3-2015 requested CLI on Navcheck (again after reading forum) to 15K max and was approved.  Then 9-2015 approved for 3rd NF card, the Flapship with 5k SL.


So at this point I still had the lowly $1k CL NRewards secured.  Yet on 11-2015 they unsecured it automatically & changed it it to More Rewards, I immediately requested CLI and it added $9k for a now $10k Limit un-secured.


Jump to today and along the way I have requested a few CLI's and pc'd that More rewards into the Amex More Rew (25k limit), Flagship (25k limit), Cash Rew (22k limit), and the $15k Navcheck LOC + plus numerous auto loans and personal loans received and payed off in that time (weee Tesla).


Moral of the story is, treat Navy Federal right, and they will treat you right. Do NOT be concerned if it's not the exact month as others, it will happen if you use it, pay it and manage all your credit appropriately.


Just remember... "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever!" Hang in there!



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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

Wow the internal limit reach reason makes so much sense. I haven't seen anyone explain that for secured until this thread.


And since it's not an app/hard pull, you wouldn't really know since it's no denial letter involved. 


So the best option for those that were approved for other Navy cards would be to close the secured and get their deposit back.

Otherwise they would be waiting for an indeterminate amount of time for Navy to increase their internal limit.

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

If this makes you feel any better, I've had my nRewards going on 1 year & 4 months and it still hasn't unsecured. Got it the following month after my BK7 discharge with the maximum $5k deposit. I've called customer service countless times to find answers why but none has yielded any tangible reason. So at this point I've given up hopes of getting unsecured. Funny enough I was just approved last month for a $1k More Rewards AMEX after being declined several times for reaching maximum unsecured limit even though I don't have any unsecured credit with Navy besides the nRewards.

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

just an update they just unsecured another one of my secured cards again this month cycle closed on the 22nd of this month they graduated me today on the 26th no credit line increase tho I had 3 5k secured so 2 have become unsecured the last secured card cycled out on 01/25 i think they may unsecure this one too seeing they just unsecured the 2 from what i see it takes about 3 to 4 days from cycle close to find out if you are upgraded by signing in and seeing ill keep you all informed about the 3rd secured card which is the longest ive had opened i think they are going to unsecured i should know by monday of next week

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Re: NFCU Frustration- When Will NREWARDS Graduate?!?

@Santaclausthereal good luck and hope you get unsecured. Mine just graduated 2 days ago after 1.5yrs, feels good to finally see it happen. Let us know the outcome

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