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I applied on-line for NFCU membership last week with a minimal $50 deposit into savings.  I have already been approved for an 18K nRewards card, a 5K LOC, and a 30K auto loan preapproval. Their customer service is one of the best I have dealt with in years!


EQ  688

TU  704

EX  699

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Re: NFCU Luv

Congrats! NFCU is the deal!
Here we go again...
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Re: NFCU Luv

Congrats to you.  NFCU absolutely rocks!  In may they approved me for a V & MC.  My first CC in many years.  Last month they approved me for a re-fi on my auto loan.  My CL are much much lower than most report here but my scores are lower as well.  And at least NFCU would show me some luv when no one else will.  The only other CC I've managed to score are 2 from Sears.  (not sure why as I can't get any other Citibank or HSBC backed CC)  But I reached my goal to re-fi my car so I plan to just let things grow for now. 
Starting Scores 10/12: EQ 460 (FICO)/TU 502 (FAKO)/EX 474 (FAKO)
(7/14): EQ 572 (FICO)/TU 624 (FICO)/ EX 612 (FICO)

Current (2016): EQ 605 (FICO)/TU 657 (FICO)/EX 646 (FICO)

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Re: NFCU Luv

Congrats to you both!

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