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NFCU - Navy Federal CC Question

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Re: NFCU - Navy Federal CC Question

@Birdman7 wrote:
OP, Did they HP you to join?

What CRA(s) did they pull for join/card?

They did not HP to join

They HP'd TU for The Card and at the same time SP'd Equifax, I checked me EQ soft pulls.

I think this ib ecoming more common for lenders to do.

it's just most people are not checking there SP's.

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Re: NFCU - Navy Federal CC Question

I am in, no HP, just SP on TU, but the rep swore it wd be a HP. Lol.😊
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Re: NFCU - Navy Federal CC Question

@Birdman7 , call them back up snd DEMAND a hp! You cant have CSR Chasing away old cat talesSmiley Wink
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