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NFCU/ Overdraft protection/CLI

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NFCU/ Overdraft protection/CLI

Hello, I was trying to find out what the requirements are for overdraft CLI? I presently have the NFCU overdraft and would like to ask for an increase.






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Re: NFCU/ Overdraft protection/CLI

I called and received an increase in November '08 - having opened the NAVchek account in May'08. When I called I asked if I might be eligible for a line increase, and before I could utter another word, the csr informed me I am qualified for a 10k increase.


NFCU bases their cli increases on your history with that particular account. If your account has never gone over the limit, if you have always paid on time, then the chances are you're gonna be ok. It was a soft pull.


From what I can tell - and I may be wrong - but if they ask you to fill out an application, and ask for pay stubs, a utility bill, etc., then it will likely be a hard inquiry.


What is key, however, if your history with them.




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