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NFCU Upgrade

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NFCU Upgrade

I have had my flagship rewards card for about a year now and today I get a letter, actually a really nice letter in a pretty black envelope saying Congratulations because of your history with NFCU we are upgrading you to Visa Signature Flagship rewards card.


Does anyone have this card and if so what is the differance between the basic flagship and the sig card?



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Re: NFCU Upgrade

I received the same Invite/Upgrade at about my 1 yr. anniversary as well. I was concerned that my CL limit wouldn't report since most Visa SIGNATURE cards do not. I called and asked about the UPGRADE and was assured that my CL limit would report as normal and that I would have the xtra  benefit of now using Concierge Service for travel/specials on Hotels and airfare etc.-so far it's been GREAT- have gotten a few FREE airline tickets/UPGRADES w/ my accrued mileage-Hotel UPGRADES etc.-customer service is also GREAT -there's been more than one occasion where I've gotten a free ticket and had to change dates 2/3 times and the CSR actually FOUND A WAY to MAKE IT HAPPEN so I was good to go without any problems or xtra charges-all in all A GREAT CARD!

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Re: NFCU Upgrade



Didn't they discontinue the Flagship Rewards and substitute the Flagship Rewards Signature? 


Is the annual fee the same at $49?

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