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I know if you have the same address as a current member you are eligible for membership. However, as an adult, I will not be giving up the comforts of my own space to live with my brother and his family.


I'm leaving well enough alone. If they close the LOC or not, I'm  fine with it.

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I jumped through some hoops on the front end and gave it some time and when I finally was able to apply it was a really painless process.  Not a single problem (didnt even need to send a copy of the utility bill in roommate's name.  However, I did have a phone setup in his name for a couple months before I applied and we applied basically at the same time (I applied right after he got his authorization number).


Today, I added my sister to NFCU without any problems.  There must be something in their computer system that sees something it didnt like with your application.  I know that doesnt make it any easier for you since you wasted those HP's.  I wasted $75 trying to join PSECU (while not the same as HP's) I understand your position.

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