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NFCU - When will CC report, balance questions...

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NFCU - When will CC report, balance questions...

Does NFCU (Cash Rewards CC) first report to the bureaus as of first statement cut or is there a certain date of the month? Also when it is a new account will it post as a new tradeline before first statement cuts and show the balance at that time? For instance my Amazon store card account reported really quickly after approval but haven't used it yet so zero balance showing but does a new account that has been used but too new for a statement already show a balance in that instance?


Just trying to make sure I pay off or to a very low threshold before it reports the balance to the bureaus so I don't accidentally have high util for a whole month.  I was just approved for the card on the 18th, began using the card three days ago.  

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Re: NFCU - When will CC report, balance questions...

Typically, it takes a couple months for NFCU CC accounts to report, so basically on the 2nd statement cycle.  By contrast, SYNCB, Barclays and a few others tend to report fairly quickly (usually within 48-72 hours)

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