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I love NFCU.... But anyway.. I have a credit line of $3500 been open since October or so.  Ended up maxing the card (long story ending up with me having to pay for a bare bones funeral). Paid $1,500 towards the balance couple of weeks ago which is now around $1,900.  Hope to have it paid off in a couple of weeks.  I really really want to see if I can get the limit increased to help my utilization.  So far my FAKO scores are TU684-EX690-EQ675.  I paid off 2 credit cards, and was successful in a few other cards to get the limits raised (small amounts) and have been waiting for those to reflect on my scores.  Should I wait till they update and when NFCU shows a $0 balance before calling and requesting a CLI?



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Re: NFCU..again...

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Re: NFCU..again...

Asking for a CLI when you have high utilization is not the best time, especially with low scores.  You can ask, but it would be better to have it paid down to 35% and at least 6 months open (which it appears you have the age now).


While your use of this card will account for part of the CLI decision, so will your overall credit.  You have only had the account a short time and $3.5k is not a bad CL. 


Do you have any derogs on your credit that you can be working on cleaning up with GW, settlements, PFD, DV, etc.?


Don't rely solely on the use and age of this account.  Be working on improving your overall credit health and this will help your ability for CLI and for additional credit.



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Re: NFCU..again...

Payment history goes a long way with NFCU. If it's been 6 months since you've last gotten an increase or opened the card and you've never been late on it, it's worth a shot.


However, if it's not an instant approval and it goes to the credit committee, it WILL be a hard on EQ. 

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Re: NFCU..again...

Ok, so I think I will go ahead and wait a few more months for all of my recent CLI's and pay off's to start reporting.  Thanks!!!  Just anxious!
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Re: NFCU..again...

Have you ever been late paying your NFCU card?

Have you ever been over your limit?



If you can answer no to both, yes, go ahead and ask for a cli. Actually, NFCU does a softie on me every 4 months or so. Their cli decisions are based on your history with them.  

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