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NFCU & Fed Tax Lien - Deal Breaker?

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NFCU & Fed Tax Lien - Deal Breaker?

Good morning, all. I am usually a rebuilding forums lurker, but the question is obviously more appropriate here.

I am in the process or repaying an NFCU charged off checking acct (PIF on Tuesday...that in itself is only a minor hickey according to the NFCU cc dept)...and I am considering app'ing for a cc product at that time. My main concern is an open federal tax lien (filed 09/09 @ 36k). It's since been reduced to 7.5k, and I am on an installment agreement. My plan was to convert it to DDIA (being processed), and have it removed via FreshStart after 3rd payment. This of course would be ideal, but I thought considering NFCU's gracious CLIs, I may be better off getting my foot in the door NOW (albeit more than likely a weak initial CL) then spank the love button when lien removal goes through (4 months ish so timing is about right). Who knows, maybe even get lucky and get an initial CL that would allow for the IRS debt just to be PIF (then immediate removal). my you think that monstrous fed tax lien would be a deal breaker? Would of course like to get the relationship blossoming with NFCU again ASAP, but wasting HPs while rebuilding isn't bright either...

Overall profile (other than the lien) includes 2 other baddies:
-FPB c/o @ 388.00,  2/08, PIF
-Midland Cr Mgmt (factoring co), unpaid 783, DoFD 12/06

Open accts:
-FPB, opened 8/12, 0/300, never late
-Comenity Bank, opened 2/13, 105/250, never late
(3) student loans (some was consolidation), all opened 2/13, 20k ish total, in deferment (took my old butt back to school at almost 40...must've been crazy)

(8) closed, paid as agreed, 0 bal installment loans.

Last 3 mo: 0
Last 6 mo: 3
Last 12 mo: 10
Last 24 mo: 17
Total: 17

Income: 50k that's 100% verifiable/usable. More if they'd allow such things as VA education benefits, etc.
EQ Fico: 687
Utility: 19% (but we're talking 105/550 so bringing it down to less than 9% wouldn't be a big deal, just another months wait to update)
Length of history: 9 yrs, 8 mos
AAoA: 3 yrs, 2 mos

Like I said, I certainly understand that it would be best to wait til the lien can get removed later in the year, just seems to me from forums research that when requesting CLI after it's removed would still result in the same figure, with the added benefit of some extra history. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way.

In addition, I am considering moving my direct deposits back to NFCU, maybe that is a factor in their decisions also?

Thank you in advance for your input!
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Re: NFCU & Fed Tax Lien - Deal Breaker?

Bump for the day crowd
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