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NFCU credit cards

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NFCU credit cards

What card would you get and why? If you have one already why did you get the one you picked?


nRewards Visa/nRewards MasterCard ** 8.90% Credit Limit from $1000 to $50,000 goRewards Visa/goRewards MasterCard ** 9.40% Credit limit from $1000 to $50,000
(competitive $18 annual fee) Flagship Rewards Visa ** 9.90% Credit limit from $1000 to $50,000
(competitive $49 annual fee) Visa Platinum/Platinum MasterCard ** 7.90% Credit limit from $1000 to $50,000 cashRewards Visaborder=0 *** Variable Credit limit from $1000 to $50,000 nRewards Securedborder=0 ** 15.9% Credit limit from $500 to $50,000


Thank you for your input!!! 

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Re: NFCU credit cards

Personally?  I would rank cards in this order:


1. no AF ( Why pay more to use their money than the interest rate if you don't PIF? )

2. fixed rate over variable 

3. CL

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Re: NFCU credit cards

If you want/need to carry a balance, go with the Platinum Visa or MC


- 7.9% fixed rate (cash 9.9%)

- No fees

- BT & Convenience Check same rate as purchases


If you want reward, I like the cash reward


-  1% up to $10k annually, $1.5% after $10k annually

-  Real Time rewards (accumulate as purchases post)

-  Real time transfers to any account (savings, checking, cc, loans)

-  9.65% variable purchases (11.65% cash)

-  No fees

-  BT & Convenience checks same rate as purchases



NFCU is by far my favorite card overall.  I use it a lot and surpassed the $10k purchases first month.  I now make 1.5% cashreward on all purchases.  They don't charge and cash or BT fees.  Easy to use.  Fast post of payments.  Great CS.  Great CL.  Just love NFCU!






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09/03/2009 TU: 777, EQ: 776 ($8 balance on an account dropped me out of 780's)
03/28/2009 TU: 814, EQ: 810, EX: 781 (02/12/2009)
05/18/2005 TU: 563, EQ: 580, EX: 549
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Re: NFCU credit cards

I went for the low fixed rate on the platinum visa.  Got $20k and 7.9% fixed.  This is my highest CL now.



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