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NFCU has a local branch for me in Texas

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Re: NFCU has a local branch for me in Texas

smallfry wrote:

txjohn wrote:

moondog7324 wrote:
TXJOHN, another benefit- have you got a qoute from GEICO using NFCU for an affilation discount? Go to member services- there is a GEICO link there. I recently added my teenage son , and after being an Allstate policy holder for over 20 years I decide to shop around........ I was pleasantly surprised at the GEICO qoute.


No I haven't looked for a Geico quote.  I have USAA and have been pretty happy.  I had Geico years ago and USAA has been a better experience for me.

My son had Geico and has been using USAA for a few years now. Geico was a little higher he tells me.

I also had some issues with Customer Service and Claims with Geico.  USAA has been smooth as cream, the rates are lower and I get a dividend check back every year that is equal to around 8-10% of my annual premium.

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Re: NFCU has a local branch for me in Texas

Apples to Apples Geico with the NFCU discount tends to be pocket change cheaper for me each month. Not enough worth switching for, esp when you take the USAA SSA disbursement into account.


In General I have found:


NFCU is more geared toward the working man and their income, trials tribulations and needs. USAA started out for Officers (college educated income) and only recently allowed lowly enlisted to join. I think USAA still trends to that philosophy in their lending standards.


NFCU has s surprising number of locations in military and non military government facilities. My Federal Building has a Branch.

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