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NFCU - just a little caution


NFCU - just a little caution

HI All. I've been reading about how great NFCU is and how they are BK friendly. Well I was just declined Smiley Sad for a nRewards card. I've been a member since 1977 (folks opend the account for me) anyway I am trying to rebuild credit and at the time that I applied by EQ was 604. Granted I still have baddies I need to clean up but I was reading how great they were and understanding I figured I'd pull the trigger. In retrospect I wish I had just waited until April when by BK drops off. Just a little word of caution for those who are feeling hopeful and want to tempt fate...


Anyway it was a blow for me. I am so sad Smiley Sad I try and try but still have so much to do.


2/17 TU 616 EQ 570 EZ 648

2/19 TU 616 EQ 605



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Re: NFCU - just a little caution

I'm sorry to hear about your denial. Smiley Sad


But, it sounds like you're due for a big boost when your BK falls off in April. And, if you can make some headway with your other baddies in that time, you'll probably be in prime position for a good credit line with NFCU.


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Re: NFCU - just a little caution

Sorry to hear about it Crave. However, the silver lining is that in a couple months you should be able to get approved once the BK drops off.
Here we go again...
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