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NFCU opinions

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Re: NFCU opinions

I joined in 2008 - I called and told them my father who was deceased had served in the Navy during WWII. They never asked for any military paperwork and if they were using his previous address- I hadn't lived there in 20 years- .  I was asked some routine verification questions and received my membership number.  A few days later, my welcome packet was in the mail with instructions to sign my application and return a copy of my driver's license in the mail.  


They may have tightened their procedures ....sounds like it depends on who answers the phone.

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Re: NFCU opinions

distantarray wrote:

webhopper wrote:

distantarray wrote:

webhopper wrote:

asp123 wrote:

My ex is retired from the Army.  Do I qualify??


I will be glad to be a friend of someone to get in!!!!!!!!

  You have to be a friend with "benefits"



How come my friends with benefits didn't get me a navy account? Smiley Sad  hehe jk

You gotta stay more than 10 minutes to do the deed Smiley Wink    rofl

You gotta actually live there!

It was more than 10 minutes! It was 11 =x and a direct deposit =X

I hope the $5 was worth it!!!

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Re: NFCU opinions

lol yea i bought myself a big coookie 

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