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NFCU secured cc graduated :D

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NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Hi forum,


Right before I went on vacation last month, my NFCU secured cc graduated right at 5.5 months. I've charged $50/ month and paid it in full. Before I left, I had PIF (6/20/19). On 6/22/19, I logged into my acct to see if my pmt had posted which it did and I noticed my new CL of $2,000. I was shocked because I thought it would take much longer for my cc to graduate. It took a few more days for my $400 desposit to go back to my savings acct. I'm so happy because now I can apply for the NFCU cash or flagship rewards once my one year of BK passes in October. NFCU also sent me a new CC with the same cc# and expiration. The only difference is that the new card, the cc # is printed on the card (not raised) which I like better because the numbers won't fade over time. To my fellow members with the NFCU nRewards secured, keep PIF and your acct should graduate to an unsecured one.  Thought I share my excitement with you all Smiley Happy

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Product Change:
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Average Age of Accounts: 3 years 8 months
Age of Oldest Account: 7 years 10 months
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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Congrats 🎊🎈. Your hard work has paid off.

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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Glad to hear the positive outcome on the graduation OP 👍 Congrats!
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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Congrats ! I think my next card will be with that bank in the future.

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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Congrats on your graduation! I was discharged in October as well. My nfcu is only 4 months old, hopefully I will be announcing my own graduation in a few months. I've read conflicting stories here about a 2nd nfcu card after bk so curious to hear how that turns out for you.
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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Thats awesome OP!! Congrats to you on your quick success with them!! They are awesome to have. Treat them well, and they will do the same!Smiley Happy

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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Congrats on The unsecured Navy!

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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D



That is fantastic!!

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Re: NFCU secured cc graduated :D

Its nrewarding isnt itSmiley Wink
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