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If you want to DD your salary, I would definitely recommend opening a checking account with them. They are funny about transfers out of a share account into an outside account in my experience.
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I highly recommend their checking account.
I just switched from BofA to NFCU, and couldn't be happier.
A brick and mortar bank isn't necessary in 2019, imo. You can deposit via the app, and their eChecking provides up to $10 monthly reimbursement of ATM fees from non-nfcu ATMs.
If you need to deposit cash, you can always keep a 2nd checking account open at a local brick and mortar then transfer money, or simply deposit at an NFCU affiliate ATM.
They also have a CLOC if you want, and their savings is night and day better than the big banks. Although, sidenote, I recommend people keep their large savings in high yield accounts like Marcus from Goldman Sachs, and others.

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