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Congrats for getting in the door!


If you haven't done it yet, I'd open a checking & savings too.  You can get savings certificates for as little as $100 to start, if you'd like to stash away money that you "can't" get to.


Their customer service is the best you will find anywhere.  I have checking, savings, visa, auto loan & CD's.


Their limits & apr's are one of the lowest you'll find & as your reports look better & your scores improve, don't be afraid to call & ask for a CLI & a lower apr.  They are there 24/7/365.  They are the only place I put my money.  Period.

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thanks everyone cant wait for the limit to grow and im indeed grateful to have my foot in the door with nfcu!

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Do you know why you were approved for 500?  I am going to join later this month and app for the CC, but I'm not sure I want all the HP's for only a 500 CL. I already have 8 inq's from last year. If I can get a decent limit I would take the hit. 


Are your scores current? Mine are similar, and my AAoA is only a year old too. I'm paying off my last card this month so that I will hopefully see a boost(trying to get to 700) before I app.  What do you think factored in more for the 500 CL?  Short history? Low income? Scores?

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I've heard people saying good things about NFCU, and thought they were exagerrating.  Well today I broke down and set up an account at NFCU over the phone.  For giggles and grins I decided to apply for their cash rewards Visa.  I was assuming I'd be denied or get a $500 limit at best due to a recent refinance of my auto loan (both are reporting right now until old one closes) and a recent app spree I had (a few token $300-$500 cards that I applied for to boost my available credit last month).  I had tried for a standard BoA and Discover and was quickly told that I was not elgible.  My scores are in the very low 600s (some maybe only upper 500s).  Well the credit gods looked down upon me and somehow I got a $6000 limit approved!!!


I guess I need to officially park my bum in the garden for atleast 6 months.  That way the inquiries can start to age and my average acount age can rebound a little.


But I just want to stay I drank the Kool Aid and I love it, go NFCU!!!

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I'm sure my 500 limit has a lot to do with my credit being very young my oldest trade line being a year old. Other than that everything on my reports is spotless and I make a good living so I figured that was the only reason for the low limit. I'm not worried as I know it will grow in no time. Nfcu rocks! Go for it you won't regret it. Sorry for any grammar errors typing on iPod touch.

Edit: yes my scores are current

Current Score: Walmart TU 694 - Credit karma 679 - Credit Sesame 671- VantageScore 695 MyFico ?
Goal Score: 750

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NFCU is very generous with their credit limits, but they have their max threshold which apparently is different for everyone. Mine is apparently $55k unsecured because they won't raise me anymore than that.

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Treat them right (paying your cards/loans ontime, not abusing the LUV button, etc), and you'll be in the 5 figures in no time.  From my experience, they like to see lots of consistency.  When they start seeing things like steady employment with the same employer (this one is big), always paying loans on time, and if possible making more than the minimum payment  they get very comfortable with extending the larger limits you hear about.

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NFCU rocks!  Joined in April 2013.  Siggy Visa with 5K limit then.  Since then (less than three months), raised Siggy to 22K, and have 7.5K overdraft.  Awesome service; will stick with them for long haul.

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