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National City and canceling a Balance Transfer

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National City and canceling a Balance Transfer

I recently decide to do a BT to my National City card to PIF another CC due to lack of a proper emergency fund and my mortgage company deciding which bills to use the insurnace money for storm damage to pay.


It turned out I got the recipient of the most money to reund to me the large payment since the account was 0% for a year and I guess they wanted a crack at several thousand dollars of interest if I didn't PIF by next June. 


National City does BT in the form of a check sent to me and I just canceled the BT.  I was told at the time they would charge me to cancel it but they didn't.


I love National City and this was an unexpected bonus.

06/13/2018: FICO 821 EQ 814 TU 808 EX
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