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Nationwide CLI

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Re: Nationwide CLI

Does anyone know if Nationwide is BK friendly??

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Re: Nationwide CLI

Yes they are. I have a BK on my cr's (2003) and Nationwide did approve me. I have no idea for how much though. They pulled a trans union report (yeah!) It has my fico score listed at 701.  The only one though the other 2 reports are 682 and 671 (BUMMER)  If I get a decent credit limit I plan to balance transfer all that I can to take advantage of the 0% for 6 months!  I am hoping it will be at least 3500 or more then I can "consolidate" some of my debts and pay it off sooner looking even better on my credit score.

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Re: Nationwide CLI

Edited as I just realized this was an old post.

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Re: Nationwide CLI

I know it is an old post but I just replied today... Smiley Wink

If you have anything to add it is all good.


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