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NavChek ???

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NavChek ???

Does anyone here actually use it ???

I wanted it as a backup because I'm a self employed carpenter. Work has been good for a while but you never know when you might have some down time for an extended period.

Maybe I'll tap into it for a few hundred now and then, Christmas or something. Otherwise I'm going to leave it be.

What does anyone else have it for ??


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Re: NavChek ???

My inlaws have it they use it when money is tight and for house projects back in the day when we had to borrow money from them it was also where the money came from (thank goodness those days are far behind us)

We might consider getting one next year when we put a bathroom in our new house
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Re: NavChek ???

I'm in the same boat as you jaxstraw.  I don't forsee me using the LOC however, it's great security to know that it's there if ever I need it. 
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Re: NavChek ???

Yea...I have a $15K LOC with them....purely for emergencies. It is a good peace of mine,
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Re: NavChek ???

I used mine to order my NFCU checks the first time. I didn't want to put any money into the checking account until I had checks in hand.

I have a 10k LOC with them and feel a little better knowing I have some cash on hand if I need it for whatever reason.
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Re: NavChek ???

I have it. I only asked for 3K and that's what they gave me. I'm going to ask for a CLI in a little while (read: a few months). I thought about that vs a signature loan....and called and asked them some questions. For what I'd use it for and want to potentially do with it...the LOC is better than a sig loan.

I have used it recently: I am still in the process of converting my main banking to Navy and don't have checks yet, so I haven't started the direct dep. I do push money into that account biweekly though.

I traveled recently and took that ATM card with me. I was gambling and needed more money LOL!!
So I went to the atm and withdrew a few dollars. It gave me what I ask and on the "backside" advanced it from NavChek. When I came home, I transferred money from another account to "pay back" the NavChek. It was easy...and since it was paid so soon, no Fin.chg.

I have recently used it again to do a BT of sorts from a higher IR card. The card is paid off and I'll pay off NavChek in two payments or so...but save interest since it's a lower rate.

I was thinking that I wanted to get a signature loan for that just in case money....but that's what the LOC is for. I had the concept confused.
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