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Navy... Can you talk to decision makers?

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Re: Navy... Can you talk to decision makers?

O6 wrote:

concorduser wrote:

Not sure using the accounts makes any difference. I have $5 in my savings and $25 in my checking and I hardly use them at all. They approved $10K navcheck / 22k MC / 5 K nrewareds visa / 5k Plat Visa, I had been a member only since the usaa - nfcu merger.

USAA & Navy Federal CU merger?????


I believe concorduser meant to say USA Fed and NFCU merger.


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Re: Navy... Can you talk to decision makers?

Creditaddict wrote:


I do have accounts but I am currently not putting any money in it because it has daily limits for other banks doing transfer into it... I would have to do like 3 transfers before I could pay any of my bills... and it's all set up automatically at other banks! im tempted though


I agree that you might see better results by switching your direct deposits to NFCU, then waiting 6 to 12 months (<-- I'd personally go for the latter end of that, and wait out the year if you still have lots of INQs). My thoughts are that it'll give you some more time to pay down your debt, let INQs fall off, and show NFCU that you want to be a contributing member. Give it some time so that you can drop off their "No Sir" radar.


I'd be shocked if, in a year's time, with an active deposit account(s), NFCU didn't warm up to you.


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