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Navy Federal Secured - But Unsecured CL!!??

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Navy Federal Secured - But Unsecured CL!!??

I helped a friend over 2 years ago with Navy and fixing some credit issues, etc.  He had never done anything with Navy after opening the Checking and Savings back then and a few months after that he lost his job and stopped paying the 3 cards he had got in rebuild... now fast forward to last week and being empoyed again and all that jazz I started to help him go back and make payoffs for those accounts obtained back then... then he transfered $1k into Navy Savings and once that was fully available he went in and put in APP for Secured Card... I had him add notes that he was looking to build history with Navy and fix the 4 bads from 2 years ago. Friday he said he had email that secured was approved but then he saw that only $500 had been taken out of savings and was asking me about it.  Today got TU dispute info that showed 1 bad deleted (was incorrect) 1 Cap1 updated PIF after Charge Off and $0 out balance which was a big improvement from before if you can believe.  so that leaves 2 Cap1, one still with cap1 and one that is not... and the one larger one is about 4 years. (Edit to say the app for Navy Secured was just days after the disputes and what not so not sure they saw the updates but maybe... TU put all this through in just a week basically)

Anyway, log in to Navy and see $500 in Savings, and a Secured Card... Click Secured Card and up pops an account for a $3,000 CL... I almost fell out of my chair!


1.  I have never heard of Navy doing partial secure?

2. How in the WORLD he got approved for $3k, I wouldn't be surprised to see his credit score in mid 500's!

3. Is it secured at all only because that's what he applied for? why not just give $2500 limit with no secured?


He is calling when he gets of work and I will update, but happy for him but still in shock!

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Re: Navy Federal Secured - But Unsecured CL!!??

They're so generous with limits it's no surprise.

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Re: Navy Federal Secured - But Unsecured CL!!??

I didnt think they do partial secured cards. Sounds like he shouldve of applied and attempted to get an unsecured card first, before doing the secured one. I have seen multiple threads before on approvals in the high 500s to low 600s with NFCU.

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