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Navy Federal cards

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Re: Navy Fed CC Question

@TheBoondocks wrote:

Tiers as in ranks for the nfcu credit cards? Well, anything with a AF would be first? or do you mean in terms of credit score being eligible for the cards? I would say, flagship then cash rewards then platinum. I only have the Platinum with Navy. But, their cards are okay, nothing special.

Yes it was more of Credit Score matching the cards. As in Flagship should be for excellent profile/score holders while Platinum is more of entry level get your foot in the door. but your listing gives me some insight into this. Thanks!

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Re: Navy Fed CC Question

@800wannabe420 wrote:

@TuffTurkey wrote:

This may have been asked before and I did try searching before asking. So if anyone has a link to the thread or just knows it would help. 

Are there tiers for Navy fed cards? I know the flagship is top tier but is there a list of levels from bottom to top in order?  Thanks 

With the exception of the Flagship, the UW appears to be the same for all the remaining cards. It's more matching your spending habits to the card that best fits.

I carry both the Flagship (minimum 5K starting limit, hence the stricter UW) and the More Rewards and I couldn't be more pleased with the card performance and the outstanding customer service.

If this would be your first application with NFCU, it is strongly suggested that you do not apply for the Flagship first, rather make it your second or subsequent application.

Thank you! I app'd for the Cash Rewards and was approved but I had others tell me I shouldve went with the platinum first and then side step into cash rewards. It just confused me is all. 

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Re: Navy Fed CC Question

@TuffTurkey - please reference the above discussion/posts on this topic.

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