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Navy Federal cashRewards - APPROVED


Navy Federal cashRewards - APPROVED

Just joined NFCU earlier this week... was kind of tempted to app. I had a number of inquiries already but had two out of three baddies fall due to successful GW's. Called customer service today just to go over what my chances were for even getting approved (cust. service is top notch, by the way). I've only been able to get a max $500 limit with GEMB, HSBC, and CAP1.


I really wanted to get my foot in the door with a CU creditwise and later on finance a vehicle. I app'd over the phone and was instantly approved for $5k. 


This is truly a milestone for me!

Starting Score (Aug 2010): EX637 EQ641 TU 650 (FAKO)
Current Score (Sep 2010): EX664 TU663 EQ677 (FAKO) // TU FICO® 651 EQ FICO® 657
Goal Score: 720

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Re: Navy Federal cashRewards - APPROVED

WOW! Congrats! I don't have to tell you that's an excellent limit!

Starting Score: (5/25/10) TU: 599, EQ: 592, EX: 566
Current Score: (9/24/10) TU FICO: 619, EQ FICO: 611, EX (Plus Score as of 9/23/10) 650
Goal Score: 700 and beyond!

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