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Navy More Rewards Upgrade!

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Re: Nfcu Amex More rewards adds mores rewards

For my husband
So the go ewards 25k will be useless
Or they are planing to surprise a change to the go rewards cards also soon

Can he combine to the more rewards cards that has 13k ?
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NFCU Amex Upgrade Starting Sept 9

NFCU is updating the amex on Sept 9 . The link is below - what do you guys think? Is this a great deal?

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Re: NFCU Amex Upgrade Starting Sept 9

It could be a great deal, depends on your spend?. Also if you can meet the SUB requirement's, that's a plus!

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Re: Nfcu Amex More rewards adds mores rewards

I was pretty happy when I saw the email come through. I’m not as good at using multiple cards based on categories, so my husband and I typically use our GoRewards for restaurants (3%) and then our More Rewards for groceries (3%) and gas (3%). This definitely makes this a 3% card for almost everything for us!
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