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Navy Signature Card NOT Reporting Credit Line!~

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Navy Signature Card NOT Reporting Credit Line!~

Is this actually a mistake or is it true that they are taking the credit line out?

The guy at Navy I just spoke with told me to dispute it on my credit report because it was faster but in my experience I had a fantastic thing happen to me when I was maxed out on a $23k Citi Card MANY Moons ago that I disputed something else and ended up with a account on my credit file that just showed open with no limit and no balance!

Now we are in a different time and I WANT this Credit Line reporting and I for sure don't want someone to just delete the account instead of changing.

Should it be reporting? (This was EX)

I did just check an older TU I had and they have changed the lay out or maybe just advancing to show last payment amount and it shows not in normal order of open date, limit, balance, etc. but from such date to such date (current) the limit for this account is $25k.


HMMM... Thoughts?

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Re: Navy Signature Card NOT Reporting Credit Line!~

I think it should be reporting. From what I've read, navy doesn't even let you use the NPSL feature of siggy cards, so they're not actually "flexible spending accounts."
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