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Need Credit Card Advice - Help?

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Need Credit Card Advice - Help?

I am like so many others on here trying to re-build but I need some advice when it comes to selecting credit cards when your score is in the low 600's.  Now that I am aware of how things work in respect to credit and credit scores I have been making serious changes to improve my credit score and my credit habbits Smiley Happy  but one thing I still need help with is finding a credit card, preferrably not secured, that I have a good chance at getting with my current or maybe slightly better credit score.


A little BIO on my previous credit & credit card experiences.  First off until joining MyFico I didn't know much of anything on how credit works or even how to build a positive credit history.  I have only had one credit card in the nearly 6 1/2 years since defaulting on the three I had when I was laid off those many years ago.  I figured if I couldn't pay cash then I didn't need it and that was the way I lived.  Like an goof I closed that one card last year because I thought there was a chance of getting laid off again and didn't want to have debt that I could charge up and not be able to pay off.  This of course was before I learned how valuable credit cards are in the great scheme of FICO scoredom.


Two of those that went south were CAP ONE cards.  Thankfully they both will drop off my report in November and the other one is supposed to come off next month - what a relief.  When I use the credit card finder on here I see CAP ONE recommended but wouldn't it be a bad idea to try with CAP ONE?  Those were charge off's and they don't pursue me (at least anymore) so I don't want to wake up a sleeping giant, lol.

Starting Score: EQ 529 / TU 565 / EX 551 (NOV 2010)
Current Score: EQ 674 / TU 694+ / EX Who knows - not me???
Goal Score: 700+ All CRA's

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Re: Need Credit Card Advice - Help?

Capital one is very forgiving actually, many have had charge offs with capital one and still couldd get a card, have you tried capital one pre qualify link?

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Re: Need Credit Card Advice - Help?

A lot of folks have found Cap One very forgiving and the prequal link is very useful.


Cap One has evidently blacklisted me (I guess I'm special).  My favorite rebuilder card was HSBC Orchard - extremely easy to manage online.  Although less useful than bank cards, store cards are also helpful -- GEMB Dillards is notoriously easy to get, and lots of folks have good experiences with JCPenney and Walmart.


You only need one card initially as you begin rebuilding, and a bank card will serve you best FICOwise.  Take any other apps very slowly so you don't decimate your AAofA and your FICO score.

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