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Need Credit Card For My Job.

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Re: Need Credit Card For My Job.

Hubbard wrote:

It says I pre-qualify for a couple of cards but I hate to apply and get declined and have the inquiries.

I feel your pain, I really don't like racking up inquiries just to get denied. But if you have bad/limited credit history, you're pretty much out of luck. You could even get denied for a secured card. You could always get a copy of your credit report and go to a local CU and ask if you can talk to a loan officer and see if they'd be able to extend you credit based on that.

You might of course get approved by Cap One or another bank for an unsecured card if you're lucky, but they might give you a toy limit - a $300 or $500 card really won't help out that much, except for building positive credit history obviously.

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Re: Need Credit Card For My Job.

Hubbard wrote:

I will have to start traveling soon for my job. We do not have Corporate Credit Cards so I really need a CC. I pulled my CR from all three CRA and my EQ FICO is 644. I had a $100 collection account from Diversified Adjustments, OC was sprint and an old voluntary repo. removed AFTER pulling my credit report and getting my FICO score.



Public Record

State Tax lien 1/2011 $884



The state tax lien was pure ignorance on my part. I procrastinated setting up a payment plan which I have since done.


My questions:


1. Will the removal of the voluntary repo and collection acct. raise my score significantly?

2. Is it possible for me to get a credit card anytime soon?

3. Can I get a better auto loan rate than I currently have (14.99) I had a bankruptcy still showing on my credit when I purchased the car. It fell off last month.



If that tax lien is unpaid, it could be a serious dealbreaker as it is very new. 

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