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Need a better card with a higher limit

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Re: Need a better card with a higher limit

Is the Verizon baddie reporting to all 3?  What kind of rewards are you interested in?  Cash back?  Flyer miles?


Where did you get your scores?  Mainly the EX score?

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Re: Need a better card with a higher limit

the verizon was on on my EX.    I was just approved for an AMEX blue cash and i'm waiting on the discover decision.     i will simply stop using capitalone since there is no real benefit to using it and they refuse to increase my credit line.   all my reports show zero balances out side of my mortgage and student loans, and all score in the high 700s.  i'm not sure what capitalone's problem is but it is no longer my "problem."

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Re: Need a better card with a higher limit

my-own-fico wrote:

Actually it's quite easy. Let's say you have a card with a $1,000 credit limit, which reports at the statement cutoff.


Ift doesn't matter if you spend $10 or $500 throughout the cycle. You can still pay down to $10 before the statement cut.


That leaves you with a 1% util, and your score will be better very soon. Smiley Very Happy


(Don't forget to pay the minimum by the due date.)


That's EXACTLY what I do. You don't wait for the statement to the bill BEFORE the statement cuts. I do it like 5-7 days prior, so there would be no way of coming close tro reporting my statement balance. You are under their control by carrying balances. Stay away from that as much as possible.  

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