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Need advice on first unsecured credit card (Not student but still new to credit)

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Need advice on first unsecured credit card (Not student but still new to credit)

So I have been lurking around in the forums for a while.. couple of months.. and I need some advice on a first unsecured card. I will try and provide as much info as possible for you guys to give me sound advice.


Here goes - I came to the US in 2007 as an intl student and found out that I could not get an SSN.. only way was to get a part time job.. long story short , i didnt have time for that and graduated in Dec 2011 with my degree. I started working in the US in April 2012 through a program called OPT (optional practical training) - allows intl students to get work experience or a foot in the door (no sponsorship reqd).


I got my SSN in late March and in late april , apped for a discover more, got denied (too new to credit) and then went straight for a Cap1 secured (CL - $350) that ive had till now. I also have had a chase checking/savings account since July '07 that I used for college. My direct deposit goes there every week.

Furthermore, I took a car lease (3 year) in mid July. Still going strong.


My income from the full time job is $70k/ yr. My cap 1 secured card says valid from 05/12 - 05/15.. I was approved in late april but got the card in mid may. I dont know when I can count as the start of my credit history but my sixth statement will be generated on the 28th of Oct.


- BMW credit (07/03)
- VW credit (07/12)
- Cap 1 secured (end of april)
- Discover - (end of april)
- State farm insurance (07/14)

This is approx. (Credit Karma shows 6 though, but I am waiting for my first FICO credit report to find all inquiries and dispute if reqd)


So, here is my questions:

- what is my credit history (length)? - 6 months or 7?

- Can I generate a FICO score now or after the 6th statement?

- Also, I would like to get a new card soon (Mid- Nov) but not waste the inquiry (basically have a decent chance at the card i app for). I am looking at Chase freedom (as I have a long banking history with Chase), Citi Forward and Discover More. - Do you think I have a chance with either of these cards? I want a decent limit (above $1000.) Cap 1 cash rewards is nice, and i know i probably can get it, but i dont want to be stuck with a card that cant grow with me (with respect to limit). My purpose to get a new card is to show more revolving accounts so that I can build good history for a prime card later like Blue cash preferred and chase sapphire preferred or us bank cash+.


PS - All payments were always done in full for my lease, car/home rental insurance, cap1 credit card. Util was always <20%. Currently it is 16%. When my oct statement cuts it will be lower than 10%. BTW - Never paid interest.

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Re: Need advice on first unsecured credit card (Not student but still new to credit)

The date above on credit inquiries are (month/day) -- sorry made a mistake on that one.

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Re: Need advice on first unsecured credit card (Not student but still new to credit)

Judging by this you should hit the 6 month mark next month. 

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