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Need help consolidating - please and thank you in advance


Re: Need help consolidating - please and thank you in advance

Since you didnt burn Discover, try the prequal. Make sure income on last tax return matches what you put on the app because they have been doing IV after the approvals for some (usually when there is discrepancy present).


Is there any chance of you getting a personal loan through your CU? 

While interest from PL APR will be higher than fee for a BT, it's still better than interest on Platinum once promo apr expires. 

Your DTI might be on a high side for CU to approve a loan, but it's worth a try. 


You could try joining BECU,  $0.00 fee, 0% apr for 12 months on BTs, but if you live outside WA state, it can be quite a trippy process if their fraud dept gets involved. 

That process may take weeks, so if that's something you are willing to try (patience is a must), you should start sooner rather than later. 

You have to join first, Chex is pulled for account opening (there is minimum score needed), CoreLogic for real estate, income approximation, so make sure everything is accurate 


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