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Need help to boost scores

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Re: Need help to boost scores

Since you are looking for Mortgage in a year,  I suggest:


You need to agressively get your CC portfolia started in the next few months and then no more applications until you get a mortgage.


FICO scores are best with 2 to 3 cards. 

Orchard is a great choice.  But bigger limits are better so plan to add to deposit when you can afford it.

Credit Unions are great for secured cards.  

Capital One secured is another good choice ( if not in your BK)), since you can get unsecured CLI.  

Public Savings Bank is almost guarantee approval, if no one else will approve.

Consider a store card from where you regularly shop after you get the others reporting;


Use your cards regularly and PIF every month.    Start playing the utilization games a few months before you start looking for mortgages,




Good luck.




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Re: Need help to boost scores

Great info thanks so much.

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