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Need help with a Travel card and i dont travel...

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Re: Need help with a Travel card and i dont travel...

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To answer the question about the "bakeries" being nerfed, that was Chase. I order meal deliveries (ex. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc) and those used to count in the dining category (it coded as a Caterer to be specific) along with the bakeries but that went buh-bye earlier this year.

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Re: Need help with a Travel card and i dont travel...

To OP I'd avoid a travel card if you don't travel much. It really sounds like you would be better off with a straight 2% back cash card The venture card is ok for the signup offer but as a 2% card you are limited to redeeming on travel. Again there are no AF cash back cards that will trump the venture. Earnig points with no redemption in mind is not a good move. Programs have a way of having devals. Not to mention most credit card programs require you to keep paying an AF to be able to transfer the points later on. In short you don't need a travel card unless you are going to be taking a trip in the next year or so. If you are looking tly economy on domestic flights then I really think you are better off with cashback cards. Travel cards tend to work better for frequent travellers who can use the benefits or people who like to longer trips, especially international or premium flight. 

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