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Need some advice on "gardening"

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Need some advice on "gardening"

So, today I finally received the last card I applied for -Citi Div Plat Select Visa- (PITA took over two months Smiley Mad)


And... I guess I'm in the garden now* till I graduate college in two years. I have a couple of questions on how to maximize my score and relationships with the banks I'm with now (*cough* CLI's *cough*)


I currently have:


WF Plat card -$1500 (My oldest line, will be one year in February)

Amex Zync -NPSL (1 month old)

Citi Plat Select -$500 (Limit hurt my ego a bit Smiley Tongue)

*I kind of want to try for BCP in January, worst case it's a soft pull denial.


So what do these people like to see, or better put were do I need to focus my spending.

WF has no time limit between asking for CLI so I was thinking of asking in Feb. when my account is one year old, up till now my spending has been only on my WF card. But I've heard they can be stingy with CLI's.

The other issue I have is that I hear Amex likes to see heavy spending to increase your internal score with them. Is this true? If so is it worth the focus for the small chance of BCP?

And then there's the Citi card I just got, from what I've heard they seem to be okay with CLI's but that tiny limit will be annoying, do they also like to see heavy usage for CLI's or can I just buy a pack of gum each month and pay it? (I know CLI's are only every 6 months)


Oh and for those interested once you've been a citi member for 6months+ you can switch between Visa and MC

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Re: Need some advice on "gardening"

If you focus your spending on amex; you'll get.rewarded with a high internal amex score...
that's what I would do. Use your citi card for restaurants.or something similar...

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Re: Need some advice on "gardening"

Zanarov wrote:



Oh and for those interested once you've been a citi member for 6months+ you can switch between Visa and MC

That is awesome news.  Cuz I much rather have the MC version of the Citi Dividend card you have.

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Re: Need some advice on "gardening"


Too many INQs & low AAoA so I'm off to tend the Garden.     Age:23    

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