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Need some assistance

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Re: Need some assistance

Hi OP,

Since you already have the Chase FU, getting the CSR would be a good bet.


Also, I can confirm first hand that Chase will waive the AF under the MLA policy which Chase now follows (as of Sept 2017). AU fees can can also be waived if they are enrolled in DEERS. You can call Chase military desk at 1-877-469-0110 for more info.


 Thank you for your service!


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Re: Need some assistance

@Redtab78 wrote:

While i have been in the credit game for quite a while, i was completely blind to really using rewards and points for anything meaningful.  My original thought was to just earn miles, so naturally i listed to friends and didnt research myself and opened a delta forward about 8 years, i am now really getting serious about actually using cards the rewards way.  After some very extensive research and reading, i am now ready to apply for my first true rewards card, but i am tossed between Cap one, Citi, and Chase.  Here are the cards i currently hold:


Delta Amex Reserve CL $25k....0 balance

Discover it cash back CL $8.7k...4,500 bal

Chase Freedom unlimited CL $4.5K.....0 balance

Searscard (citi) CL $6.6K....0 balance

Amazon store card CL $4K.....0 balance

Pier one store card CL $2K...0 balance

Military Star (retail card) CL $8.7K.....0 balance 


Having tht said, i am looking for a travel type of card that earns decent rewards for dining (which will be the primary use for this one), hotel stays etc, but that can earn points used for a wide range of rewards...(something like the sapphire line, the premier from citi, or the venture from C1).  I also want something in the visa signature (or infinite), or mastercard world, and i would like to get priority pass as an added perk.


My current fico 8 is 741,and since i am military, i have no concerns with an annual fee, as most companies will waive the fee for me beingmon active duty (except citi...thats only for accounts opened prior to service).  



So, having that said, what card should i go with? I believe in tht i have actually educated myself, but as you can see from above, the only company i dont have is a cap one....if i go with a citi, i can pool my thankyou points i already have....but i have read many post about citis reward system being sub par comparred to chase.



Also.....if like my new card to be metal....i like the idea of it, and since i plan to specifically use this new card for dining, it will have a small wow factor Smiley Happy

Welcome! Since you're military. Navy Fed and USAA offer great reward cards. Have you considered either of those? Navy Fed Flagship Rewards is a black card and it looks really nice, often gets a second look when the waitstaff take it. USAA has an Amex card that many people rave about. I'd strongly consider...

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Re: Need some assistance

Yes i have considered both of those, as well as a few other military cards like penfed etc.  The drawback I see is #1, no sign on bonus (except USAA that has a 2500 bonus points after first purchase), and #2 points are worth $.01 each when redeemed for airfare travel.  When i compare that to the offers of 50k+ sign on bonuses, and the redemption values of 1.25+ , to me its a no brainer.  While they both do have good customer service, they are somethi g i could look at when i retire and ready to downgrade all my high AF cards to save should i need to.


I am heavily leaning toward the CSP...with my score being at 740, and a small balance on my discover, i dont want to use an opportunity to try and get the CSR and be denied for something trivial.  If i am using the CSP like i think i will, i can always do a product change over to the CSR to bump up a few pointsmfor dining out.


Last night i sat down and drew out a plan, maybe you guys can give me some feedback if it looks good, or if i need to rethink it some:  (keep in mind i get fees waived, so 

Heres the cards in order i think i will target this year

1) Jan - Chase sapphire preferred (to couple with my freedom unlimited)

2) April - Hilton Honors aspire (most of my stays are with hilton, and the auto diamond status is a huge benefit)

3) August - AMEX Platinum or the CITI Prestige if it opens up.


Then i plan to go into gardening for about a year in preparation of a new mortgage in the fall of 2020


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