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Need to build my credit after having bad credit!

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Need to build my credit after having bad credit!


I finally buckled down and wanted to get me credit in good shape. I am starting my own business and will need credit to get it started.


I only have one negative hit from all 3 credit companies on my credit history and it was a stupid credit card I ran out and got right when I turned 18. Maxed out the $300 limit and didn't paid it till it was about $785.....


It's all paid off now. And is scheduled to be removed from my credit history April 2009 little over a month away.


With that said, anytime I have applied for credit in the past even after the card was paid off (as of Feb '07) I am rejected. My credit scores for the 3 credit companies are 601 (poor) the other two are 9002 because I have NO credit.


My question is HOW do I rebuild if I keep getting rejected?

Once the negative report is off in April will I have an easier time getting a credit card?

What complains are easy to get a credit card with?


Thanks for your help! 


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Re: Need to build my credit after having bad credit!

Hello!  You should try a secured BoA card and a Target card. Those two, in my experience, have been really good to work with and have helped my scores since getting them last July. Good Luck!
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