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New AMEX? - AMEX Explorer?!

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Re: New AMEX? - AMEX Explorer?!

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What keeps credit markets from other countires out of the US market? Banking laws?


Just curious......

Every bank product, whether it be deposit accounts or credit products, has to be in a specific currency. It wouldn't make much sense to get an Australian credit card that issues credit in AUD and has to be paid in AUD if you live in the US and spend the money here.  You'd have to keep constant track of the exchange rate to figure out how much you're actually spending and how much you actually owe, either of which could drastically change at a moment's notice because of trade relations, international incidents, etc. So banks don't offer it.

I really don't think that is the limitation, especially as it is at most a problem for the customer and not the issuer.     Also, a number of people have bank accounts in multiple countries and have income sources there as well, so it wouldn't be huge problem to pay your AUD cc from your AUD bank account


For such people who are outside the US and Singapore, Amex offers the international currency card, in USD or EUR,

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Re: New AMEX? - AMEX Explorer?!

I've seen that card before and it does look good. Amex should consider bringing it to the NA market.
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