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New App Time - What to App for my Wife and Me

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Re: New App Time - What to App for my Wife and Me

So just an update, was sucessful on all counts, I managed a CSP with a 12k line - sneaky double pull on TU and EX, called in for personal detail verification to get it approved. Also got a US airways WMC with a 2.5k line, barclays were cautious given they were currently my largest line despite great history.


Then it came to the wife. Sent in verification, took a long time in review tonight through the recon analyst, but eventually she was approved for her first CC, a Chase Freedom with a $500 toy limit. All good though - I fully expected her to only get a small limit like I did originally with no history, so happy to have her starting her history, and a nice $100 signup bonus and $50 referral bonus for me. To make her happier once her credit was dealt with I put her on as an Authorized user on the CSP - and that made her feel cuter after holding mine. Love the customer service and fact they were happy to expedite it in a day Smiley Wink.


Really love the card. Only thing that remains is decide whether I should make my freedom a Visa Siggy...its past the 13 month requirement, and would only require 3k to reach a 5k line...but I kind of want the sapphire preferred at 10k for the fun of it. Maybe make the freedom a 4k...

CK TU FAKO - 762, TU FICO - 781, EX Fako 734, EX FICO 764 - 3/29/2014
INQ: TU 4, EX 8, EQ 1 |
AMEX PRG (01/11), AMEX BCE (01/11): $2.5k, AMEX EDP (3/11): $6k Chase Freedom(07/13): $2k,
Barclay Arrival+ WMC (3/14): $6.3k, Barclays US Air MC (9/14): $2.5k, CSP (9/14): 12k
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