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New Cap One Rewards Card CL Lower Than Current Cap One Card?

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Re: New Cap One Rewards Card CL Lower Than Current Cap One Card?

I have to agree that they give one account more luv than the other.  This has been my experience.  I have had my Visa longer - since 2/08 with a CL of $500 started at $500 it had been increased to $1800  by the fall - Still there today.  Got the MC in about March 08 - started out at $500 -  was at $1000 by the end of the year.  Since then, no CLI allowed until they gave me 2 x $1500 CLI on the MC last winter.  They had erroneously given many people two CLIs and took one back.  They let me keep all of the first and some of the second since, at the time, my balance was so high.  My MC is at $3500.  Every time I call for a CLI on the Visa - they deny the request, but will do something like lower the APR on the MC.  I called today - and instead of a CLI on the Visa (which is a rewards card), they made my MC a rewards card!  I will take that,  because, to be honest - the ony reason I even keep the Visa is that it is a rewards card.  It is now one of the cards I am considering closing.  After three years, I think it is safet to say they are not going to grow this account anymore.

*Note to self* Remember why and for how long you had to rebuild in the first place! One Day at a Time, One Day at a Time!
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Re: New Cap One Rewards Card CL Lower Than Current Cap One Card?

@minimock wrote:

You, my friend have fallen into what I like to refer to as "The Capital One, Junior Burger Two Card Deal"


They wont give you a decent card with a decent CL, but they will gladly give you two Junior Burger cards today for a Prime card on Tuesday 4 years from now.



Dont feel like its just you. A BUNCH of people with good credit scores are in the same boat. Smiley Happy

You made me lol. I was drinking pepsi and of course, stuff happened through my nose that I will not re-live over here, or put you through the misery of reading Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New Cap One Rewards Card CL Lower Than Current Cap One Card?

@Mandazoid wrote:

Back in February, I got a Cap One Classic Platinum MC with a CL of $500 and was enrolled in the credit steps program. Last week, my CL was increased to $750. In addition, my income has increased $3k per year since my application for the Platinum and my CS has jumped up by about 40 points. Otherwise, the only other change to my credit report is me continuing to pay off active student loan debt.


Since the Platinum was the only CC in my wallet, I wanted to expand a bit and applied tonight for the Cap One No Hassle Cash Rewards, as there were good odds that I would be approved. I was instantly approved online...with a $500 CL, $250 less than my current Platinum. Smiley Surprised Anyone know why that would be? I've heard of people doing something called a recon (I think that's what it's called), but how do I go about that and what do I say? Is a recon another hard pull?


So many questions... Smiley SadI have had a Cap 1 platinum card for 12 years stuck at 1500, and a rewards at 750. I was offered a Cap 1 Visa with an af 1st yr at 75 and 2nd yr at 90, payable by the month. I only keep the 2 Cap 1 cards for aoa.


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