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New Capital One Bank (Chevy Chase) DEBIT CARD protections.........

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New Capital One Bank (Chevy Chase) DEBIT CARD protections.........

In the Washington D.C. area, Chevy Chase Bank has been acquired by Capital One.


All DEBIT (not credit) cards will have the following:

- Extended Warranty on purchases by up to 12 months.

- anti-theft or accidental insurance of purchases for up to 90 days.

- zero liability

- global customer service anytime, anywhere, in any language

- Master Assist: Emergency assistance, referal services, pre-trip destination planning, emergency cash transfers.

- Master RoadAssist-emergency roadside service for cardholders traveling within the USA. 


Aren't these benefits usually associated with an Amex?  I'm rather surprised at that level of coverage for ALL bank account holders that have a DEBIT card.  Interesting, if debit cards start offering htese protections, then Credit Cards have to up their game.


Only thing missing is the cashback.


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