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New Card Suggestion

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Re: New Card Suggestion

Uborrow-Upay wrote:


laboi_22 wrote:

Hello everyone! Looking for suggestions for a card that would be slightly easier to obtain just to add to my available credit lines. I have 6 revolving accounts. 3 are GEMB store cards with low limits. 3 are major CC's but one is AMEX, the other a Chase with a low CL, and BofA but it's a signature card that doesn't report. I don't carry balances but my UTL is higher than I would like since my total open credit line only reports as $2200 when it should be 3,200. Any cards that are easier to get with 10 inquiries? No baddies just 6 months of revolving history and 10 inquiries. My EX is 709 FICO. TU is 680. What is a good card? I wouldn't use it at all just to have another line to decrease UTL. I don't want to worry about paying my BofA off before the statement cuts just to keep my UTL down. I like the extra days to make the payment. I always PIF. Is Barclays an easier choice?



Just curious here.


I've always thought sig cards had a CL of at least 5k, whether that reports or not.


It makes me nervous when someone who is concerned about utilization says he/she needs another card to keep utilization down, but doesn't want to pay existing cards before the statement cuts in order to keep utilization down...


Not trying to be argumentative here, but which is it?

Not everyone pays before the statement cuts.  OP pays in full and doesn't carry balances.  OP has his/her own reasons for not paying before the statement cuts.  I would think most people (especially not on these boards) pay after the statement cuts, as they have the right to.  Not carrying balances is something to be proud of, imho.


Anyway, OP,  I was thinking Barclays myself before I finished reading your post.  They typically pull TU.  Which card do you have with Amex?  Maybe you want to try for another (non-charge) account with them?  From recent threads, it seems Amex won't do a HP on your reports unless you're approved.  Please report back with what you decide to do!

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Re: New Card Suggestion

Thank you clocktic for understanding the original question and offering your suggestions. I think I will look into Barclays as well as my new Discover that I'll probably never use. Just got approved today for a CL of 1700. Hey it helps with UTL I'll take it. Any suggestions on which Barclays card is best?

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Re: New Card Suggestion

laboi_22 wrote:

Maybe it was harsh, but again I really still don't get your point regarding public posts and unsolicited advice. Maybe I'm just from a different time, generation, culture, etc --but the way I see it, public posting or not, if I ask for a suggestion about a product, that really is all I need. I was raised to answer people's questions by providing the information requested ONLY. I happen to think that interjecting one's personal opinions that are not only unwarranted but unnecessary is rude. At least that's just how I feel. Sorry for being harsh, but I always find that there is always that "smart" one that feels he/she has to throw in "the two cents." Again down in Louisiana, that translated to RUDE; just saying...

Not trying to be argumentative, or maybe I am, but technically speaking asking for advice on what credit card people recommend you should get to keep utilization down is actually asking for peoples personal opinions not only on credit cards but on your financial situation as a whole. I think the person was just trying to look out for your best interest without knowing all the facts. Although I do agree it was a little rude to interject ones opinion on your financial situation without knowing all the facts. I assume you pump a decent amount of money through your current cards every month and that you need a higher overall credit limit to offset the high utilization that your typical daily spending puts on the cards. If that's the case I would suggest trying for ONE more card if you can spare the inquiry. As for what card should you get, Discover seems to be a very hot card right now. I personally do not like to do business with non-american companies if I can help it but as another user suggested Barclays may be a good option as well.

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Re: New Card Suggestion

Citi Forward is an amazing card. Best all around cash back on dining and movies.

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