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Re: New Card

irish_guy wrote:
Those few points may end up costing me a couple grand in three months. I'll stay!!!

Is it an absolute necessity to get the vehicle one month rather than another month?    

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Re: New Card

well the best prices are in december, January or February. I would prefer december or january
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Re: New Card

DI wrote:
'After the first month, I think the OP should let a balance report and keep it at 1%.  It helped my scores to show some balances accross mulitple cards, but total all kept under 1%. 
ok so after this first month I have not seen any change in my score. you suggest letting a balance report of 1 % at this point to raise my score? my limit is 2000 so you suggest 5 is that accurate? i ma horrible with math and was an english major!!!Smiley Wink


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Re: New Card

Heh, I'm not a math major either, but 1 percent is actually $20, go out and buy a couple of movie tickets!


$2000 * .01 = $20

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