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New Credit Card Help

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New Credit Card Help



I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred (got it in October, have 64k points), Discover IT, BOA Cash Rewards, and Citi Forward (which I might product change).

What I really like about the CSP is the 2x UR on Restaurants and Travel.


I am going to have my wife apply for 1 - 2 credit cards.  Any feedback on what she should apply for?  Should we stick with Chase and UR?  I also looked at Amex Starwood Preferred (she already has an Amex Bloomingdale's card, would that interfere with the sign up bonus?  I heard stories that it might if you have an existing Amex card).  I also looked at the Barclays Arrival 2x card.


Want to use points for a trip – not sure where yet, interested in US and Europe.  We live in NYC and can fly out of JFK and LGA.  EWR is an option, but would be a last resort.  Not sure if we should go with an Airline / Hotel card or another points card.


Interested in miles, possibly hotel points too.  We do not fly the same airlines nor stay at the same hotel chains, so we do not have status. 

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Re: New Credit Card Help

You should open a chase freedom card. The points earned can be transferred to airline partners through your CSP. This enable you to get a lot of points very quickly due to the 5% quarterly bonus categories(up to 1,500 per quarter max.) For example if you spend $1,500 on Amazon and select department stores this quarter you could earn 7,500 ultimate reward points. Plus chase is currently offering 20K bonus points for opening the freedom card and spending $500 in the next three months. 

Quick Silver 2k - Discover 4.3K - Chase Freedom 7.6K - Venture 13K
Citi Double Cash 3.5K - Amex SPG 5K - CSP 5K - Arrival+ 3K
SW Premiere 5K - Citi TY Premiere 3.7K - FNBO Sun Country 3.6K
BOA Cash Rewards 5K - DCU Platinum 10K - Spirit 5K
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Re: New Credit Card Help

Quite a few options available depending on your ultimate goals - Chase United Explorer, Barclays Arrival, Barclays USAirways Premier, Citi AAdvantage or Prestige, etc.  As far as SPG, there should be no issue with AMEX as far as the sign up bonus since the Bloomingdale's AMEX is not issued by Centurion Bank, it is issued by DSNB/Citi.

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Re: New Credit Card Help

Thanks!  When should I go for the United Explorer vs US Airways or Arrival?

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Re: New Credit Card Help

One question would be your projected spend.  If it isn't huge (for your definition of huge) you might want to focus on one (or at most two) programs.  You don't want to end up with a lot of points in a number of programs, but not enough in each for anything worthwhile.    With UR you can convert the points into say United miles, so getting a United card wouldn't be bad, but some other options work less well.


Also, do you want to fly coach or a higher class?   If you are looking for premium cabin international flights, you really need a card that earns airline miles, or points that can be converted in miles.  Proto cash-back cards, such as Arrival and Venture are much less useful for that sort of flight, as the cash price is so high.

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