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New Credit Card Laws!

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Re: New Credit Card Laws!

Not sure if this has been brought up, but the only good way I see this affecting me is being able to use rewards on BT cards.  My point:  I have never spent a dime on interest, and hope never to do so.  All balances I've carried have been on 0% interest cards, such as my Discover card.  Now I wanted to use my Discover when it was giving 5% back on gas, but couldn't because I'd have to pay finance charges, so I opened a BoA card just for the BT rate so I could use my Discover.  I would have loved to just charge a couple hundred dollars worth of gas a month and pay that off on top of my monthly contribution to the balance.


Unfortunately, I don't see 0% offers being too easy to obtain in the future Smiley Sad  At least not for people with average credit like myself.  Maybe for you 800+ FICOers, lol.

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Re: New Credit Card Laws!

I, at least, have not seen a real 0% BT offer in a couple of years.
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