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New Credit Card Season?

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New Credit Card Season?

Just curious, is there a particular time of the year when most banks release their new credit cards? 

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Re: New Credit Card Season?

Tends to be relatively sporadic IMO, no real specific pattern that I've noticed.

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Re: New Credit Card Season?

Nothing new for awile.otherwise we'd be all over it like a kid on candySmiley Wink
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Re: New Credit Card Season?

If I had to guess, I would say that more new credit cards are issued in September than in any other month.  September 2017 was an especially productive month.  2018 not so much.


I would pick February as the second month.

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Re: New Credit Card Season?

I tend to see end of year as being a great way to get ADDED points/miles on cards. Im guessing its due to banks wanting you to spend with their cards on Christmas gifts.
Hotel card deals are always out there but it is more based on the region you want to travel too and if sales/points are good.
Credit cards themselves are all over the place.
But know that if any card is going to drop it will be reported here for a month or two leading up to the release.
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Re: New Credit Card Season?

I can't say that I have noticed a trend that favors any particular time of year. I think there maybe more random "spikes" where you could see several released around the same general time. I also think a lot of it may just be reactionary, to keep up with the competition.

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