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New Credit

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New Credit

Should I obtain a new card with no annual fee and zero interest for 15 months and a decent purchase rate after and cancel a card that carries an annual fee and higher purchase rate interest?  Thanks!
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Re: New Credit

I would definitely call a backdoor number and try to get the annual fee waived on your current card and then hold on to it for age purposes. Without knowing what your credit situation looks like, it might not be a bad idea to get a new card with a low interest rate because if you carry a balance, that will obviously help save you money. If you provide some info on what your credit report looks like, I'm sure the forum members can give you some great, more specific advice.


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Re: New Credit

need nore info. that being said, you don't have to use the a/f card much and it's aging and helping you (if you need help).  If you pif there's no interest.


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